Your new 11th Street Bridge traffic pattern (D.C. Department of Transportation)

If you hear commuters breaking into the “Hallelujah” chorus today, it might not be due solely to the holiday season. Today, the most anticipated aspect of the $300 million 11th Street Bridge project opens to drivers: A direct, no-stop connection between the eastbound Southeast Freeway and the northbound Anacostia Freeway (aka 295). In other words: No more waiting at Barney Circle to turn right over the Sousa Bridge, then waiting to turn left across Pennsylvania Avenue SE traffic to get to 295. Writes Dr. Gridlock: “When the work is done Wednesday morning, the District will have reached a very significant milestone in the reconstruction of the bridge. Commuters will have direct links between the freeways on either side of the Anacostia River, something they’ve dreamed of for decades.”

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