During Chief Cathy Lanier’s tenure, murders have dropped from 181 yearly to 88. (Carol Guzy/The Washington Post)

The District finished 2012 with 88 homicides, the lowest yearly total the city has seen since the early 1960s. The reasons are many, Allison Klein reports in The Washington Post: Fewer hardcore gangs, a changing drug trade, new police tactics, an investment in police technology, a payout of $600,000 in reward money. But even accounting, as Homicide Watch does, for four additional killings ruled self-defense, it’s a historic dip under the 100-murder milestone. In the Washington Times, Andrea Noble reports that Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier now has a new number in mind: “For a city our size, there shouldn’t be more than 50 homicides,” Lanier said.

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