If you didn’t catch it last night, be sure to watch the “Frontline” episode examining Michelle Rhee’s time as D.C. Public Schools chancellor. Veteran PBS correspondent John Merrow draws on his deep reserve of footage from his years embedded with Rhee. But he also delves into the aftermath of her tenure, fueling debate over the fairness and efficacy of the cornerstone of Rhee’s reforms — high-stakes testing — by airing an interview with a principal who accuses teachers at her DCPS school of erasing and correcting their students’ wrong answers. DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson on Tuesday strongly rejected principal Adell Cothorne’s cheating allegations, leveled also in a federal lawsuit, and questioned her motives. Meanwhile, on the interwebs, you can reads all sorts of reaction to Merrow’s work — procon and otherwise.

In other news:

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