Seattle flag being hoisted above the Wilson Building. (Executive Office of the Mayor)

For the second time in three months, a foreign flag flies over the John A. Wilson Building.

Seattle’s flag, somewhat reminiscent of flagellate bacteria scurrying across a petri dish, was raised this morning pursuant to Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s losing wager on the Redskins playoff game last Sunday. Had the Skins won, Seattle would have flown a specially modified “Taxation Without Representation” version of the D.C. flag over its own city hall.

“DC is good on its word,” Gray tweeted today, addressing Seattle counterpart Mike McGinn.

Gray is now batting 0-for-2 on flag bets; the St. Louis banner flew over the Wilson Building in October after the Nationals’ grueling playoff loss to the Cardinals.

The losing bet was not a total loss for the District. Gray spokesman Pedro Ribeiro said Hizzoner did interviews with two local Seattle newscasts about the bet where he highlighted the District’s status without a congressional vote.

“This way, we get exposure whether we lose or win,” he said.