A former principal’s claims have big implications for Michelle Rhee’s reform efforts. (Susan Biddle/The Washington Post)

The battle over Adell Cothorne, the former Noyes Elementary School principal who recently went public with standardized test cheating allegations, continued Wednesday.

John Merrow, who delivered the “Frontline” episode where her story was first told, has more on Cothorne — including an unusual encounter with her predecessor under whose watch Noyes saw dramatic testing gains. “You don’t respect the legacy that has been built at Noyes,” she said he told her. Meanwhile, investigators at the federal Education Department tell Loose Lips they interviewed Cothorne but were “unable to substantiate” her claims. However, the District’s own investigators never did so.

 The Post’s Jay Mathews asks: “Isn’t anyone in the D.C. government curious about what happened at Noyes, and why? Don’t they want to know why scores so quickly peaked, then immediately plummeted? Perhaps the D.C. Council or a congressional committee can find a way to take testimony from all involved, under oath, and get to the truth.”

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