Just a leisurely afternoon stroll. (Charles Dhaparak/AP)

It was less crowded, less stressful and less exuberant than 2009, but it was still pretty darn big for a second inauguration, with an estimated 800,000 or more flooding into the city Monday for Barack Obama’s historic reprise. Getting around town was easier than it was four years, though malfunctioning faregates and occasional train issues made riding Metro the usual crapshoot. It was a near-flawless weekend from a security and public-safety standpoint, with long lines at some checkpoints but no significant incidents (except for a few smashed downtown windows). And for those folks who picked the right spot along the parade route to get a glimpse of POTUS and FLOTUS, it was a special day indeed.

In other inauguration news:

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In other noninauguration news:

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New DMV location at some point, at Rhode Island Row (DCist)

FishbowlDC sued for libel in Superior Court (Legal Times)

Fatal shooting Saturday night near Howard University is D.C.’s third murder of the year (PostWRC-TV)

Spate of robberies marred inauguration weekend (PostExaminer)

Would-be phone thief stabbed on the 92 bus in Capitol Hill (Crime Scene)

Pit bulls attack boy in Petworth, are shot to death (Crime Scene)

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