The cupcakery made famous by TLC owes the District a decent chunk of change. (The Washington Post)

There’s a lot of money in cupcakes — anyone’s who has ever paid $3 for a few cents’ worth of flour and sugar knows that. There’s a lot of taxes in cupcakes, too: Turns out Georgetown Cupcake owes the city $189,000 in unpaid sales taxes, Michael Neibauer reports at the Washington Business Journal. That bill represents the three months between August and October; assuming the unpaid amount represents the 10 percent city food-and-beverage tax, America’s most famous cupcakery looks to be doing sales of at least $7 million a year. Georgetown Cupcake says it’s aware of the tax bill, and it will be paid very soon: “We’re committed to paying our tax liabilities,” said CEO Stephen LaMontagne. [Update, 3:30 p.m.: The city on Friday released a tax lien, Neibauer reports, indicating the bill has been paid.]

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