Gandhi will end 13 years managing the D.C. fisc on June 1. (Len Spoden — For The Washington Post)

After more than 13 years, the District’s “supreme bean counter” is calling it quits. On Friday, Natwar M. Gandhi made official what had been rumored for some time, stepping down from his post as chief financial officer. The District earned record-high bond ratings and built solid surpluses under his reign, but his management of finance department minutiae came into question on several occasions — after the 2007 discovery of the Harriette Walter theft and, more recently, after it was alleged he’d covered up critical internal audits. As for the timing, Gandhi goes out on a high note, announcing his departure days after unveiling a $417 million budget surplus. As Jim Dinegar, chief executive of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, put it: “I guess if I’m in his shoes, it’s, ‘Here’s a $400 million surplus — thank you very much, don’t forget to tip your waitress.'” More from Loose LipsAPDCistWBJExaminerWashingtonianWAMU-FM and DCFPI.

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