All told, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray proposed as much as $200 million worth of spending Tuesday night. (Astrid Riecken/The Washington Post)

Two years into his mayoral term, Vincent C. Gray finally expects to have money to spend. And in his third State of the District address Tuesday, he laid out how he plans to spend it, laying out initiatives that could cost $200 million or more. That includes a $100 million investment in affordable housing production, a down payment on a stated goal of 10,000 units produced or preserves. That also includes an untold amount in raises for District government employees and a $15 million “One City Fund” that would deliver competitive grants to local nonprofits. There wasn’t any talk of ethics woes or federal investigations, but there were a whole lot of sports metaphors: “Both our baseball and football teams had breakthrough seasons,” he said. “And just as these great professional teams are getting things done and making us proud, so, too, is the District of Columbia making big things happen.” More from Housing ComplexWBJExaminerLoose Lips and WAMU-FM.

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