Graham maintains he did nothing wrong in his handling of a D.C. businessman’s contracts. (Sarah L. Voisin — The Washington Post)

Nearly five years after D.C. Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) is said to have made comments in a private meeting — comments that have since been characterized as being something between an offhand suggestion and a “sordid quid pro quo” — he has been rebuked for them by the District government’s new ethics board. While the board determined it is constitutionally unable to sanction Graham, it said it would have sanctioned him if it could for suggesting that businessman Warren Williams Jr. drop out of a land deal in favor of Graham campaign contributors. The ruling, such as it was, gave The Washington Post’s editorial board to sum up their years of coverage on this issue with a call for Graham to resign. Don’t hold your breath, though — Graham’s lawyer says they are considering “legal options” to challenge what they consider an flimsy and unjustified ruling.

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