Putting the FBI at Poplar Point would mean foregoing dreams of grand tax-generating development. (Alexandra Garcia/washingtonpost.com)

City leaders have long made big plans for the 110-acre tract of federal parkland at Poplar Point, the Anacostia River promontory just across from Nationals Park. Most recently, it was possibly a soccer stadium and hotel anchoring hundreds of thousands of square feet of mixed-use development. Now, according to the Post’s Jonathan O’Connell, Mayor Vincent C. Gray is ready to pitch the site as the next location of FBI headquarters. The upside is keeping thousands of jobs and a prestigious federal tenant inside the city. The downside is giving up big but complicated dreams of tax-generating private development for a high-security federal compound. But with the G-men needing 40 acres or more, Poplar Point might be the least bad of all the possible D.C. locations for the agency. Question is, how hard will Gray, the D.C. Council and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton fight to actually make it happen?

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