As his colleagues meet to consider reprimanding him, will Jim Graham be chastened or defiant? (Katherine Frey — The Washington Post)

What started as “two minutes of conversation nearly five years ago at the end of an hour[-long] meeting,” as D.C. Council member Jim Graham told WUSA-TV’s Bruce Johnson Sunday, ends Monday in a likely reprimand for the four-term Ward 1 Democrat. A Superior Court judge on Friday declined Graham’s request to intervene in the matter, setting the stage for his colleagues to approve rare punitive measures Monday morning. Graham last week suggested that the council should pursue its own investigation of the underlying 2008 contracting dispute before acting — a change in position, the Post editorial board noted this weekend — but according to WRC-TV’s Tom Sherwood, Graham now won’t challenge the reprimand. In any case, don’t count on this episode to be Graham’s political swan song: “I’m always very reluctant to walk away,” he told The Washington Post’s Tim Craig. “And I think if the election were held today in Ward 1, I would win, against any field.”

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