Antiabortion protester Rives Miller Grogan occupies his tree prior to the Jan. 12 inauguration ceremonies. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

Rives Miller Grogan is a free man — as in, he is now free to roam the greater portion of the District of Columbia without fear of incarceration. Grogan, you’ll recall, is the antiabortion protester who came to national attention on Jan. 21, after he climbed a tree on the Capitol grounds and made his views known loudly during President Obama’s inauguration ceremony. The Los Angeleno was arrested, and an arraignment judge proceeded to ban him from the entirety of the city pending trial. But at a pretrial hearing Monday, another judge modified his release conditions, banning him only from the Capitol and its immediate environs. The Post’s Mary Pat Flaherty and Peter Hermann note: “Even under the full ban, he was permitted to return to participate in his legal defense and took the opportunity to stand on the sidewalk at Judiciary Square to protest abortion and preach about tornadoes as God’s punishment for sins.”

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