Acting as his own defense attorney, Antoine Jones convinced half a jury he didn’t do it. (AP)

Three times Antoine Jones has walked into the federal courthouse downtown facing the possibility he might spend the bulk of his remaining days in prison. Three times the accused drug kingpin has emerged a free man. Last time, it took a landmark Supreme Court ruling to save him. This time, Jones did it himself — securing a hung jury Monday while serving as his own defense attorney. Ann Marimow reports in the Post: “After hearing testimony for three weeks … jurors could not reach a verdict on one felony drug conspiracy charge. The 11 women and one man were evenly divided after more than seven days of deliberations in part, two of them said, because there was not enough evidence directly linking Jones to the Maryland stash house where law enforcement seized 97 kilograms of cocaine in 2005.” Prosecutors say they will try again. More from Legal Times and Examiner.

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