Gun violence is a tragic fact of everyday life in Capitol View (Michel du Cille — The Washington Post)

The national gun-control debate is back at a full-throated roar after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. But as tragic as the killing of 26 innocent people might be, 10 times as many people have been killed by guns in the District’s neighborhoods in the past three years. The Post’s Krissah Thompson and Hamil Harris go to D.C.’s Capitol View neighborhood, off East Capitol Street in Ward 7 — a place where handgun violence, while in decline, remains a part of everyday life: “Many residents of the neighborhood say it came as no surprise that America’s political system swung into action after the December mass killings at an elementary school in mostly white, middle-class Newtown, Conn. But the current political wrangling on the Hill has just served to underscore residents’ suspicions that Americans as a whole undervalue the lives lost to gun violence in inner-city neighborhoods such as theirs.”

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