Muth, in healthier days (Sandy Schaeffer-Hopkins / MAI)

Albrecht Muth lies in a hospital bed at United Medical Center, having starved himself to the edge of death. But his trial for the murder of his 91-year-old wife, Viola Drath, will go on, a Superior Court judge ruled Thursday. The AP’s Eric Tucker reports that Judge Russell Canan might still postpone the trial should Muth’s condition worsen, but he will be tried via speakerphone should the trial proceed as scheduled on March 25: “Canan instructed Muth to end his fast, but Muth suggested he’d continue starving himself in obedience to a higher power. He said that instead of going to trial and ‘trying my luck with a bunch of secular-ites,’ he would ‘opt for God.’ … ‘I follow my orders. You follow your orders,’ Muth told Canan at one point.” More from Homicide Watch and Examiner.

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