D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe apologized to District residents for recent missteps, but he pushed responsibility onto rank-and-file firefighters. (Marvin Joseph/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander spent two-and-a-half hours in front of the D.C. Council dais Thursday, answering pointed questions from Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) and colleagues about the Fire and Emergency Medical Service department’s preparedness.

It did not go altogether smoothly, Peter Hermann and Amy Brittain report in the Post: “Ellerbe … repeatedly faltered in his answers, unable to state unequivocally that he had enough paramedics or even whether he had visited the 911 center recently. He often turned for help to [Quander,] who sat beside him at the witness table, once drawing an objection from Wells, who demanded that the chief, not his boss, speak up.” Ellerbe apologized for submitting false information about the department’s fleet reserve, but said the department maintains “an acceptable state of readiness.” The legislators appeared less than convinced. More from ExaminerWaTimesWTOPWJLA-TV and WAMU-FM.

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