If Patrick Mara or one of three other white candidates is victorious, the council could see an unprecedented 8-5 tilt in its racial balance. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

You’ll be shocked, shocked to learn that race is an issue in the D.C. Council at-large race. But, with the prospect that the 13-member council could see an unprecedented 8-5 white majority, racial campaigning that has been oblique and encoded in recent years has become somewhat more explicit. Witness union leader Geo T. Johnson, who recently told the Post that many residents “want this council to remain black, and if they don’t get out there and put black folks in there, there will be a white city council.” Or, Monday, these comments on WAMU-FM from candidate Anita Bonds, the longtime Democratic activist: “People want to have their leadership reflect who they are. The majority of the District of Columbia is African American. … There is a natural tendency to want your own.” More from WRC-TVWUSA-TV and DCist.

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