Students from Garfield Elementary School dance at last year’s Emancipation Day parade. (Bill O’Leary / THE WASHINGTON POST)

On this Emancipation Day, hours after unknown bombers targeted innocent spectators at the Boston Marathon, may we be somehow emancipated from our anxieties. That’s the wish of of many, including Mayor Vincent C. Gray, who on Monday called on District residents and visitors to enjoy the holiday festivities. “We hope people will continue to come down and continue to engage in this important celebration,” Hizzoner said. But revelers will so engage amid a heightened police presence, and they are being urged to remain vigilant. “If you see something, say something,” as they say.

In other news:

Week-out D.C. Council war chests: Mara $82,676.01; Silverman $42,211.52; Frumin $37,236.14; Zukerberg $13,405.93; Redd $989.72; Bonds ??? (OCF)

In legally dubious deal, Patrick Mara was paid for use of 2008 donor list (Post)

D.C. United says it’s eyeing Maryland sites again (Soccer Insider)

Proposal to expand Downtown Historic District angers Chinese landowners (Capital Business)

Sexual assault of rider raises new questions about proliferation of illegal cabs (Post)

D.C. employees get subsidized parking — how sustainable is that? (Examiner)

Vincent Gray and Kaya Henderson have treated school stake holders in “cavalier way,” says Jonetta Rose Barras (Examiner column)

The AAA is shocked that D.C. boots more cars than Syracuse (WaTimes)

D.C. hospitals see 2012 patient growth — mostly in low-margin emergency and outpatient visits (WBJ)

After court intervention, women’s homeless shelter says the transgender are welcome (Blade)

Federal appeals court hands city big win in special-education class action (Legal Times)

Candidates tend not to support a proven way to make housing affordable, which is to create more housing (GGW)

For Hecht warehouse, parking that could someday be something else (Housing Complex)

Standardized test cheating in D.C.: No big whoop or tip of the iceberg? (GGWGGW)

Better Wi-Fi for Nationals Park (Examiner)

A reminder: For all this talk of race and the D.C. Council, there still has never been a Latino council member (HuffPo)