Elissa Silverman, Perry Redd, Patrick Mara, Matthew Frumin and Anita Bonds wait for a recent candidate forum to begin at Ballou High School. (Amanda Voisard/For The Washington Post)

“If it seems like we are having perpetual campaigns, we are,” writes WRC-TV reporter Tom Sherwood in his column today. That said, this latest chapter in the perpetual campaign is coming to a close ahead of Tuesday’s special election. Patrick Mara has the biggest bankroll for the closing week of the campaign, and he also is benefiting from a major independent expenditure. Meanwhile, Anita Bonds significantly stepped up her fundraising for the final period and also is getting major union backing. That includes anti-Mara mailers that could also benefit Elissa Silverman, who is solidly in the top echelon of candidates after tying Mara in a recent poll, putting her in strong position to pick up voters who want a fresher face than Bonds but aren’t too jazzed about voting for a Republican. Silverman made good on a transparency pledge given at Monday night’s City Paper debate, publicly releasing her most recent tax return — will others now follow? Finally, a reminder: If you need an absentee ballot, request it today or else.

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