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D.C. special election results liveblog

Voters arrive for the special election at Shepherd Elementary School in Northwest Washington. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Coming to you live from the D.C. Board of Elections in beautiful One Judiciary Square in Washington, it’s the results of the 2013 special election! Polls closed at 8 p.m. and the first results, from early voting, should be released shortly. Turnout was low across the city, as expected — but was it even lower than the 10.3 percent turnout in the last citywide special election, in 2011? Stay tuned for results and analysis as the numbers come in.

Update, 8:35 p.m.: Early voting results are in: Anita Bonds (D) 32.5%, Elissa Silverman (D) 26.9%, Patrick Mara (R) 22.0%, Matthew Frumin (D) 9.3%, Paul Zukerberg (D) 3.3%, Michael A. Brown (D/withdrawn) 2.7%, Perry Redd (SG) 2.6%. Those numbers represent the 2,792 voters who cast ballots at board headquarters in the past two weeks, representing all 143 precincts.

Update, 8:43 p.m.: The budget autonomy charter amendment, widely expected to pass, was favored by 84.8 percent of early voters; 3.2 percent of voters did not make a choice.

Update, 8:52 p.m.: Here’s who led each ward in the early vote — Ward 1: Silverman (36.4%); Ward 2: Mara (36.0%); Ward 3: Mara (33.0%); Ward 4: Bonds (45.8%); Ward 5: Bonds (56.0%); Ward 6: Silverman (38.4%); Ward 7: Bonds (65.4%); Ward 8: Bonds (62.0%).

Update, 9:13 p.m.: Election Day tallies from the first 16 precincts have been added — a little more than 10 percent of the total: Bonds 36.3%, Silverman 27.6%, Mara 21.7%, Frumin 7.8%, Zukerberg 2.7%, Brown 2.4%, Redd 2.1%. The budget autonomy amendment is holding at 84.8 percent in favor.

Update, 9:20 p.m.: With the latest results, Silverman has pulled ahead of Mara in Ward 2 and nearly even in Ward 3. Bonds expanded her margins in wards 7 and 8. Those last results included 3,008 votes in 16 precincts — an average of 188 votes per precinct. If that average holds citywide, with the caveat that precincts vary greatly in size, turnout could be significantly poorer than in the 2011 at-large special election.

Update, 9:51 p.m.: Tallies from 54 of 143 precincts are now in: Bonds 40.0%, Silverman 28.5%, Mara 18.9%, Frumin 6.1%, Zukerberg 2.1%, Brown 2.1%, Redd 1.9%. Budget autonomy is favored by 84.1 percent of voters.

Update, 10:07 p.m.: Tallies from 76 of 143 precincts are now in: Bonds 37.4%, Silverman 27.3%, Mara 21.3%, Frumin 8.0%, Zukerberg 2.1%, Redd 1.9%, Brown 1.7%. Budget autonomy is favored by 83.0 percent of voters.

Update, 10:27 p.m.:  In Wards 4, 5, 7 and 8, where Bonds is leading, 33 of 78 precincts (42%) are still out. In Wards 1, 2, 3 and 6, where Bonds’ opponents are leading, 34 of 65 precincts (52%) are still to report. With a greater proportion of the Bonds-favoring vote in, the percentages are likely to tighten, but by how much?

Update, 10:33 p.m.: Tallies from 108 of 143 precincts are now in: Bonds 32.3%, Silverman 27.3%, Mara 23.3%, Frumin 11.6%, Zukerberg 2.0%, Redd 1.8%, Brown 1.4%. Budget autonomy is favored by 82.8 percent of voters. Bonds’s raw vote lead is 1,783 votes.

Update, 10:48 p.m.: Tallies from 134 of 143 precincts are now in: Bonds 31.7%, Silverman 27.6%, Mara 23.4%, Frumin 11.9%, Zukerberg 2.0%, Redd 1.9%, Brown 1.4%. Budget autonomy is favored by 83.1 percent of voters. Bonds’s raw vote lead is 1,908 votes.

Update, 11:05 p.m.: The remaining precincts are P47/Crestwood South (Ward 4); P53/16th Street Heights North (Ward 4); P68/Michigan Park (Ward 5); P73/Brookland West (Ward 5); P78/Trinidad North (Ward 5), P83/H Street West (Ward 6); P87/Stadium-Armory (Ward 6); P98/Benning East (Ward 7); and P101/River Terrace (Ward 7).

Update, 11:16 p.m.: The final Election Day tally: Anita Bonds 16,054 (32.4%), Elissa Silverman 13,740 (27.7%), Patrick Mara 11,367 (22.9%), Matthew Frumin 5,694 (11.5%), Paul Zukerberg 984 (2.0%), Perry Redd 940 (1.9%), Michael A. Brown 698 (1.4%). On budget autonomy charter amendment, 41,438 in favor (83.1%), 6,126 opposed (12.3%), and 2,303 not voting (4.6%).

Update, 11:28 p.m.: Election Day turnout is 49,869 out of 505,698 registered voters (9.9%) with several thousand absentee and provisional ballots still to be counted. While Board of Elections General Counsel Ken McGhie suggested earlier in the evening that turnout might be a record low for a citywide election, today’s turnout is comparable to the 2011 at-large special election, where 46,967 votes were cast — 10.3% of registered voters.

Update, 11:40 p.m.: The final wrap: Anita Bonds wins comfortably, albeit with less than one-third of the vote. The electoral map looks much the same way it has in citywide elections dating back to 2010: Bonds racked up huge margins in the eastern half of the city (60.3% in Ward 5, 78.5% in Ward 7, 79.3% in Ward 8) that helped offset her poor performance in the western wards. Mara won pluralities in wards 2 and 3 (39.0% and 38.0%, respectively), as expected, but Silverman ran close behind there while outpolling him in wards 1 and 6 (44.4% and 41.4% respectively). There will be much talk in the coming days about the future of the D.C. Republicans, given Mara’s underwhelming performance even while positioning himself as “very, very moderate” and highlighting his progressive social stances. And you can expect to hear more in the future from Silverman, who didn’t quite show the citywide results to match the citywide campaign she touted, but built a significant base for a potential future run — perhaps in Ward 6, perhaps citywide.