Just do it. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Yes, folks, for the seventh time in the past two-and-a-half years, it’s Election Day in the District of Columbia. Residents can choose an at-large D.C. Council member and vote yes or no on a charter amendment to (maybe) give the District give budgeting freedom from Congress. Polls open at 7 p.m. and close at 8 p.m.; visit the Board of Elections Web site to find your polling place. Unlike in November, don’t expect to wait long.

In election news:

The Sherwood ‘n’ Segraves voter guide (WRC-TV)

The DCist voter guide (DCist)

And budget autonomy referendum endorsement (DCist)

More reasons to be wary of the only published D.C. Council poll (HuffPo)

The Georgetown endorses Patrick Mara (Georgetowner)

Jonetta Rose Barras re-endorses Patrick Mara (Examiner column)

The Post endorses Patrick Mara for a fourth time (Post editorial)

If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps the memes will (Mara-mentum)

Read Elissa Silverman’s 11th hour plea to get Matthew Frumin out of the race (Post)

Nothing to see here, folks… (GGW)

In other news:

Ex-Beauvoir teacher and child porn suspect is nabbed in Nicaragua (Post)

Off-duty D.C. cop is shot dead in gated Prince George’s community (Post)

The District’s “dope divide” is getting wider (City Desk)

Union boss Jos Williams is playing hardball with Vince Gray over disputed firefighter back pay (Examiner)

Council members want to know: Is D.C. moving special-ed students out of private placements too fast? (Post)

Meridian Public Charter School is probing suspected school-wide standardized test cheating (Examiner)

Metro still hasn’t responded to basic D.C. Council oversight questions (Examiner)

Allen Lew on soccer stadium: “I don’t think there’s been this much energy put into it by anyone in the past, in any recent administrations” (Capital Business)

At-large candidates are generally supportive of soccer stadium efforts (DCist)

Gray 2010 campaign audit still on ice pending federal probe (Examiner)

That building with the Burger King north of the Superior courthouse now belongs to Doug Jemal (Housing Complex)

City has chosen a new Lincoln Theatre operator, but it remains a secret (WBJ)

“Infrastructure bank” floated by Gray has Federal City Council backing (WBJ)

Prosecutors: Family Research Council shooter should get 45 years (AP)

Alleged 2008 inauguration brawl is at center of police officer’s employment complaint (City Desk)

New Brookland Middle School will be built on same site as old Brookland Elementary School (Heartbeat)

National food truck groups weigh in (negatively, natch) on new D.C. regulations (DCist)