The third-place finish for Patrick Mara, middle, has D.C. Republicans wondering about their future. (Amanda Voisard for The Washintgton Post)

The election’s over, which means it’s time for recriminations. First up: The D.C. Republican Party, which saw its best hopes in a decade of electing one of its own to the D.C. Council vanish with Patrick Mara’s third-place finish. Less than 12 hours after final results were in, D.C. GOP Chairman Ron Phillips sent a missive to party members lamenting the “collapse” of the Mara campaign and pledging to get to the bottom of the electoral “disaster.” That led Mara’s campaign manager to lash out at Phillips, including noting that he pushed Mara to sign a National Rifle Association pledge that would have doomed Mara’s crossover appeal. Phillips said the party will rise again: “The Republican Party is not dead. We are going to rebuild from this, and we’re going to be a better party.”

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