Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe is seen at the Wilson Building in Washington on March 28. Data obtained by the Post raise questions about the fire department’s arson clearance rate. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Something notable has been happening in the  D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services department: Its fire investigators, according to data the department provided recently to the Office of the City Administrator and the D.C. Council, are closing arson cases at a remarkable rate — with nearly four in five closing with an arrest. That would be about four times the national average if it were true. But turns out the figure is misleading; the department, under Chief Kenneth Ellerbe, quietly changed its counting method to count only fires with overwhelming evidence of malicious intent as arsons. Were the figure calculated using generally accepted national standards — the method favored by the city’s fire marshal — the arson rate would nearly quadruple for 2012, while the case-closure rate would fall to under 10 percent, half the national average.

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