The D.C. Board of Elections on Friday made available a raw table of last Tuesday’s special election voting results, making it easier to drill down into the results. The maps below show few surprises, but they visualize just how dominant winner Anita Bonds was in the periphery of the city, while competitors Elissa Silverman, Patrick Mara and Matthew Frumin split the votes in the rest of the city.

Anita Bonds got at least 75 percent of the vote in 35 of 143 precincts; no other candidate got more than 65 percent in any one precinct:

Elissa Silverman won 36 precincts, second to Bonds’s 80, and managed to get at least 20 percent of the vote in 74 precincts; she ran strongest in ward 1 and 6:

Patrick Mara won 21 precincts in wards 2 and 3, mostly hugging the Potomac from downtown to the Palisades; he ran behind Silverman in his home Ward 1:

Matthew Frumin won six precincts, all but one hugging Western Avenue in upper Ward 3; he did not win an outright majority in any precinct and only did better than 20 percent in 13 precincts:

Also worth checking out: Keith Ivey, a Silverman supporter, constructed a map to easily tell which candidate won which precincts — well outstripping my technical expertise.