District Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi will be staying on till his successor is confirmed, despite new law clarifying what happens if he leaves sooner. (Harry Hamburg/AP)

President Obama Wednesday signed the District of Columbia Chief Financial Officer Vacancy Act, a piece of legislation that fixes a hole in the D.C. charter language establishing the CFO’s office. Before today, there was no provision for appointing an acting CFO should the actual CFO resign or otherwise be incapable of holding office.

The issue came up after current CFO Natwar M. Gandhi resigned on Feb. 1, announcing a June 1 departure date. When it became clear his successor would not be in place by then, there was a legal dispute between mayoral and council lawyers over who if anyone had the authority to name an interim CFO, hence the congressional clarification. Gandhi solved the issue for practical purposes by announcing in February that he would stick around as long as it takes to identify, nominate and confirm his successor.

David Umansky, a spokesman for the CFO’s office, said Gandhi has no plans to accelerate his departure now that the new law is in place.