The District government’s latest public safety flare-up follows a Saturday afternoon break-in in Chevy Chase, where resident Kathleen Burke told WRC-TV she was put on hold by a city 911 operator for more than a minute while an intruder was inside her house. So what happened? In part, the Washington Times reports, there was a momentary spike in call volume — “one of those perfect storms where you had calls coming in at the same time,” a spokeswoman called it — and it didn’t help that three of 13 dispatchers on duty were on breaks at the time. The union representing call center employees is using the incident to push for more staffing and to renew their fight against a shift change that will keep dispatchers on the job for 12 hours at a time. But officials insist better management, not more staffing, is the answer. More from WUSA-TV and WJLA-TV.

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