Brown is caught on tape last August accepting a coffee mug filled with $5,000 in cash. (U.S. Justice Department)

Papers filed in federal court Monday recount in rich detail Michael Brown’s felonious scheme to trade his assistance pressuring city bureaucrats for $55,000. There’s the cash-stuffed coffee mugs. The assignations at the Channel Inn and the Hamilton. Brown’s seeming desperation for more cash, badgering undercover agents for a partial payment — a “piece of the piece.” There’s his not-entirely-convincing reassurances that their money was not wasted: “You’re going to meet all the players. … Not everyone gets an opportunity to do that,” he says at one point. If that — and those pictures — were all this prosecution gave us, it would have been enough.

But there’s what they might call a lagniappe in New Orleans — a little something extra. Prosecutors also laid out a scheme from way back in 1997 where Brown took an illicit $20,000 campaign donation from a “Co-Conspirator 1” and trusted associate, Jeanne Clarke Harris. Remember them? No charges were attached to those revelations, but they provide a pretty solid hint that U.S. Attorney Ron Machen’s merry band will keep playing for a while. More on Brown from ExaminerWaTimesWTTG-TVWJLA-TVWRC-TVWUSA-TVWAMU-FMLoose Lips and DCist.

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