Those headlines will be missed. Some of them, anyway. (Washington Examiner)

Today is the last day of local coverage for the Washington Examiner, which delivered government accountability journalism in 450-word doses for eight years — and helped fill this reporter’s links roundups for nearly five of them. Whether you remember it as the paper that broke the fishy fire truck story, the paper that rode herd on the Airports Authority, the paper that once slapped “Obama disses white guys” on its cover or as the first paper Jack Evans read every day, it won’t be covering the District much any more as it turns its focus more squarely onto national politics. So read Alan Blinder’s latest piece on D.C. employees’ abuse of disabled parking placards, a fine exemplar of the ‘Zaminer form, and be thankful for Alan, Michael Neibauer, Freeman Klopott, Liz Farmer, Kytja Weir, Eric Newcomer and all the other reporters who already have moved on or soon will be moving on to better things.

In other news:

Lee A. Calhoun, part of Jeff Thompson’s money web, will plead guilty in straw donation scheme (PostExaminerWAMU-FMLoose LipsAP)

Vincent Orange says he’s hammered out a food truck compromise (Post)

Georgetown couple’s encounter with CFSA lives on via litigation (Post column)

Metro train drivers have a problem running red lights (Dr. Gridlock)

The case for a robustly developed McMillan Sand Filtration Site (GGW)

Runoff in Washington Teachers’ Union election: Liz Davis gives Nathan Saunders a tough contest (Post)

The city’s health insurance exchange will be called “D.C. Health Link” (WBJ)

Eleanor Holmes Norton: Let’s ban smoking in D.C.’s federal parks (DCist)

This is what happens when you refuse a Metro bag search (GGW)

Infant mortality rate continues to trend down (WJLA-TV)

Ahead of statue unveiling, D.C. GOP director wraps party in mantle of Frederick Douglass (Blade)

Council hearing on Evans case status shows work left to be done (Examiner)

More details emerge on alleged Forest Hills sexual assault (Post)

Bladensburg man, 70, dies after bring struck by van downtown (Post)

Woman arrested for kittennapping says “my daughters wanted another pet” (Post)

City report: 18 inclusionary zoning units created, none occupied (Housing Complex)

A call for more public input on MLK Library redevelopment plans (RPUS)

Why security cameras aren’t really keeping the Metropolitan Branch Trail safe (Housing Complex)

John Bates’s appointment to federal courts’ top administrative job means opening on D.C. district bench (Legal Times)

A handy guide to recent terrible fires (City Desk)