Paul Mannina, seen in 2010, was active in his Ashton, Md., neighborhood before being accused of the brutal assault of a co-workers in Forest Hills. (Courtesy of Robert Friedel)

Hours after a Superior Court judge ordered Labor Department lawyer Paul Mannina held in the D.C. jail on charges of beating and sexual assaulting a co-worker, he was found dead in his cell, his throat slit. Authorities continue to investigate the death, which has not been officially ruled a suicide or homicide, but the incident has raised some troubling questions — particularly in light of a preliminary court hearing Monday that included a discussion of Mannina’s mental health. He had been hospitalized before his arrest due to a “change in his mental state,” but there was no specific discussion of whether Mannina was at risk for suicide, the Post’s Keith Alexander reports. In the absence of further evidence Judge Robert I. Richter ordered him sent to the D.C. jail rather than to St. Elizabeths Hospital for a mental health assessment. Through a spokeswoman, Richter declined to comment.

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