Tony Cheng's namesake restaurants on H Street NW have been popular venues for political events for decades. (Mike DeBonis/The Washington Post) Tony Cheng’s namesake restaurants on H Street NW have been popular venues for political events for decades. (Mike DeBonis/The Washington Post)

Tony Cheng is many things: restaurateur, family man, political donor, pear farmer, aspiring medical marijuana entrepreneur. But if a federal indictment returned Tuesday is any indication, he is not a great consumer of local news. In the course of trying to enter the taxi business, a grand jury has found, Cheng and his son paid bribes in early 2011 to then Taxi Commission Chairman Leon Swain Jr. to secure then-impossible-to-get licenses. Now that name might be familiar now, as it would have been back in 2011: Swain was then less than two years removed from playing a key role as an FBI informant in a previous bribery probe that netted a D.C. Council staff member. Swain’s role was well established: This reporter called him a “whistleblower hero” in 2009, and Swain himself went on TV cameras later that year to pronounce himself unbribeable. Apparently Cheng, whose lawyer vows to fight the charges, did not get the memo. More from Loose LipsWAMU-FMWaTimesDCistWJLA-TV and AP.

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