(Sources: National Women’s Law Center/Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights Data Collection/The Washington Post)

On the playing fields of the D.C. Public Schools, it appears, equality is fleeting. The Post’s Brigid Schulte, Emma Brown and Roman Stubbs report on stark findings from the National Women’s Law Center: “At each of 15 traditional public high schools in the District, girls who want to play sports have fewer opportunities to play than boys and often have lower-quality facilities, fields, uniforms, lockers and coaching. The disparity in traditional District high schools between the percentage of girls enrolled in school and the girls who participate in sports is not only larger than that of any other public school district in the Washington region, it is wider than many other similar urban districts like Detroit and Boston, federal data show. And the steep gaps in some District schools like Roosevelt, Ballou and Phelps are far higher than those in a number of schools that the U.S. Education Department has investigated recently for civil rights violations.” Add those D.C. schools to the list: The NWLC on Thursday filed a formal complaint with the Education Department’s civil rights office alleging violations of Title IX.

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