The proposal to allow undocumented residents to secure driver’s licenses is being promoted as a safety measure. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

When Mayor Vincent C. Gray unveiled his proposal in May to grant D.C. driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, the cheers from advocates were mixed with grumbles over his intention to distinguish the licenses from standard-issue ones. The D.C. Council appears to have heard the grumbles loud and clear, with a committee voting Tuesday to leave the licenses of undocumented residents indistinguishable from those issued to legal residents. Committee chair Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) initially opposed the two-ID solution, intended to comply with a 2005 federal law, but she says she came around. “I had to be convinced that there was a way to steer our way through this, and we figured it out,” she said. Meanwhile, Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) is pushing for further liberalization, while the Gray administration is warning the move could “open up a Pandora’s box” of consequences — including possibly leaving D.C. driver’s licenses invalid at airport security checkpoints. More from WaTimes and AP.

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