The Palisades Parade kicks off at MacArthur Boulevard and Whitehaven Parkway NW at 11 a.m. (Susan Biddle/For The Washington Post)

It’s the Fourth of July in the District of Columbia, which means two things: (1) Get your butt to the Palisades Parade. And (2) it’s time for your yearly reminder of the District’s state of less-than-total independence. Delivering your holiday message this year is Post columnist Bob McCartney, who asks new D.C. Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry what sort of  progress city residents can expect to see on the representational front. Baby steps, she says: “Incremental progress is progress. … Our ultimate goal is full democracy for D.C. and statehood, but we understand there is a path to get there, and we are open to moving pegs along in the process.” That progress, she says, could include … gasp … retrocession.

N.B.: D-of-D is taking Friday off. Back on Monday!

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