Bryce Harper made it to the finals of the Home Run Derby but fell to Oakland’s Yoensis Cespedes. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Last night, Bryce Harper socked a bunch of dingers into the Queens atmosphere, falling just short of a Home Run Derby title at this year’s All-Star Game festivities at the New York Mets’ home. Could he someday soon return to the derby with homefield advantage? The Post’s Adam Kilgore reports that Nationals Park is expected to play host to professional sports’ premier all-star experience at some point soon, bringing Major League Baseball’s best to town for the first time since 1969: “The Nationals are well-positioned to host the game. Baseball has a vested interest in promoting the sport in Washington. The city’s all-star drought helps their case. Commissioner Bud Selig has told, and continues to tell, teams that if they open a new park, they will be placed in top consideration to host the game.” While the District may be “the place to be right now,” as mayoral spokesman Pedro Ribeiro puts it, the decision belongs to Selig alone.

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