The soccer stadium’s proposed Buzzard Point location is blocks from Nationals Park. (Courtesy of Gensler)

Are you ready for some soccer? Or at least a grand civic debate over whether city investment in the beautiful game is a beautiful idea? Mayor Vincent C. Gray and D.C. United officials will unveil a tentative deal later this morning that will allow the team to build its own stadium at Buzzard Point in Southwest. The terms are simple, Jonathan O’Connell reports — the team builds the $150 million stadium; the city assembles the land and prepares the site — but the execution is going to be supremely complicated and full of political pitfalls. More on those a little later, but in the meantime, do the following: Read Soccer Insider Steven Goff on why the stadium deal is the best chance to put D.C. United on a path to profitability and sustainable success. Check out some early renderings of the stadium. See a map of all the moving parts of this complicated deal. Browse the long, long backstory that led to this point. And if you already convinced it’s a good idea or a bad idea, cast your vote and explain why.

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