Gray wears his boot as he boards a Wilson Building elevator Friday. (Mike DeBonis/The Washington Post)

Walking out of a Friday morning meeting with Azerbaijani ambassador Elin Suleymanov, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) sported some unusual footwear: a therapeutic walking boot.

Hizzoner was reticent to discuss specifics, but he said he suffered an injury while playing softball. A mayoral aide not authorized to discuss the matter publicly said the injury was a minor strain and that the boot would come off within a few weeks.

It’s not the first time a mayor has suffered a sports injury on the job. Gray’s predecessor, Adrian M. Fenty, wore a similar boot in 2008 after suffering a hairline foot fracture during a pickup football game. About a month later, he suffered cuts and bruises in a bicycle crash on the Whitehurst Freeway.