Vernon E. Hawkins, seen during his last days in city government in 1996, reportedly ran the “shadow campaign” in support of Mayor Vincent C. Gray. (Susan Biddle / The Washington Post)

The federal investigation into Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s 2010 campaign and District political corruption generally took a significant step forward Monday with the filing of a charge against Vernon E. Hawkins, the longtime city government employee who has been both a campaign adviser to Gray and a political associate of money man Jeffrey E. Thompson. Now the charge — making false statements to investigators — might seem penny-ante for someone who has been accused of running a massive unreported “shadow campaign” on behalf of the sitting mayor, but consider this: It’s the same charge Gray campaign official Howard L. Brooks pleaded guilty to last year. And to secure that plea deal, which ultimately did not result in jail time, Brooks wore a wire — making secret recordings that led to the conviction of assistant campaign treasurer Thomas W. Gore on more serious obstruction of justice charges. So what sort of cooperation has Hawkins offered or agreed to provide to earn his deal? We may learn more today after he enters his plea in federal court. More from Loose LipsWRC-TVAPWAMU-FMD.C. Crime Stories and WaTimes.

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