Seemingly almost-daily reports of dysfunction within the Fire and Emergency Medical Services department continued this week, with two ambulance fires Tuesday and reports Monday that the “Medic One” ambulance assigned to the presidential motorcade ran out of gas — news that was dutifully seized upon by the firefighters’ union to attack Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe’s leadership: “It is time for the collective voice of the community to speak out, and address the mounting threat to the public’s safety,” Local 36 said in a statement. Ellerbe, who has been reticent to speak publicly at times, took questions on WTTG-TV this morning, saying the department is “in a critical period of change” and that he’s been “working hard behind the scenes” to address the well-publicized problems. New ambulances will start arriving soon, he said, and the motorcade incident is under review. “Any time things don’t go well,” he said, “I do take it personally.” More coverage from WJLA-TVWTOPWRC-TV and WAMU-FM.

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