Luxury apartments, like the ones planned for CityCenter DC, are out of the reach of many D.C. area workers. (Jeffrey MacMillan/Capital Business)

If you’re a lawyer, sure, it’s not hard to find a decent place to live in the District or other parts of the Washington region. If you’re a waiter, housekeeper, construction worker or firefighter, it’s a lot more difficult. A report from the Center for Housing Policy, highlighted Thursday by WAMU-FM, shows how the region’s housing prices are getting increasingly out of whack with residents’ incomes: “Some choose to live in communities beyond the edge of the metropolitan areas, where commutes are long but rents are low. Others give up more than half of their paycheck for rent and make cutbacks elsewhere to compensate. The two-income household is described as ‘one clear way to make expenses easier to manage,’ but the authors of the report note that it’s just not an option for many in the working world.”

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