Monday was back-to-school day for D.C. public school students — and back-to-work day for this vacationing reporter. Students at two DCPS high schools were greeted with sparkling new buildings: Dunbar students walked into a new school built from the ground up to be as far from the prisonlike Brutalist tower they once were forced to learn in, while Cardozo students saw the fruits of a $130 million top-to-bottom renovation. The Post’s Emma Brown examines the high hopes that the rebuilt Cardozo will spark an academic renaissance for an institution known for its “low graduation rates, fistfights and shootings” — perhaps, someday, educating the children of the young families who have moved into the gentrifying neighborhoods around it. The renaissance will be fitful. “We got all the bells and whistles, so you got no excuse not to be the best students in the country,” longtime English teacher Frazier O’Leary told his students Monday. Later in the day, a fistfight broke out in his classroom.

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