The Washington-Baltimore region made a bid to host the 2012 Summer Games, but the USOC chose New York as the American submission instead. (Jamie Squire/GETTY IMAGES)

More than a decade after the last push, Washington area leaders are renewing their dreams of luring the Olympics to the District and its environs. “I think great cities honestly think great thoughts and think big-picture,” Bob Sweeney, the face of the “DC 2024” effort, tells the Post’s Liz Clarke. Big dreams come at a big cost, though: A projected price tag of $4 to $6 billion plus certain disruptions to daily rhythms, to start. And most economists agree: The Olympics are a terrible idea. Then again, economists are killjoys. And it could be D.C.’s best chance to build a lot of useful infrastructure. But will International Olympic Committee bigwigs really agree to hold the games in the capital of the world’s most powerful nation? With four years until a final decision is made, there’s time to figure that out. More from ExaminerWBJAPWAMU-FMWNEW-FMCity DeskDCist and Washingtonian.

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