Plain-jane speed cameras will soon seem downright quaint. (Daniel Britt/The Washington Post)

You knew about the red-light cameras. You’ve become intimately familiar with the speed cameras. But D.C. police are expanding their menagerie of mechanized enforcement technology, WRC-TV’s Mark Segraves reports, preparing to deploy stop-sign cameras, blocking-the-box cameras and pedestrian safety cameras across the city. The new devices, authorized in the city budget, will together more than double the number of cameras on the street in D.C. By the numbers: “Police plan to add a total of 132 new cameras over the next several months. In addition to the stop sign cameras and oversized truck cameras, police are adding 32 portable speed cameras, 24 intersection speed cameras, 20 gridlock cameras (“blocking the box”) and 16 cameras to catch vehicles that fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. D.C. currently has 43 mobile, portable and fixed speed cameras and 48 red light cameras.”

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