The tax lien purchaser who foreclosed on Bennie Coleman’s house later sold it. On an overcast morning earlier this year, Coleman walked past his old house on the way to the corner store. But he said he could not look at it — the memories were too painful. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

Once yearly, the District’s Office of Tax and Revenue auctions off hundreds of tax liens — unpaid property tax bills that, until recently, amounted in some cases to a few hundred dollars or less. In the great majority of cases, the sale prompts property owners to pay their debts, plus interest and fees to the buyer, filling city coffers and relieving the administrative burden on tax collectors. In many cases, however, owners are unable to pay and the process moves to foreclosure. Many of those affected, the Post’s investigative team found in a 10-month probe, are elderly, hold relatively small tax debts, and live in the city’s poorest neighborhoods. There are people like Bennie Coleman, a 76-year-old dementia-riddled veteran, who lost his house over a $134 tax bill. Or a 65-year-old flower shop owner who lost his home while he was dying of cancer in a hospice. Or a 95-year-old church choir leader and Alzheimer’s patient who lost her home over $44.79. On the other side are a cadre of sometimes unscrupulous investors who took advantage of a poorly overseen system with few of the curbs common in other jurisdictions to engage in apparent bid rigging to divvy properties and pursue foreclosures.

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