Where will the Jeffrey Thompson investigation go next? (Washington Post illustration)

Jeffrey Thompson’s alleged “shadow” spending went well beyond the District line, it appears. Two years before he is said to have secretly spent $635,000 on Vincent C. Gray’s mayoral campaign, he spent nearly as much on Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid, court documents filed Wednesday allege. Sure, Thompson’s thrill for Hill has been long known, with indications that outsize straw-donated contributions supplemented his legitimate fundraising. But the prosecution of New York businessman Troy White, who organized “street teams” for Clinton, revealed that Thompson’s largesse extended to the expenditure side, too, and persons familiar with the arrangement identify well-known Clintonite political consultant Minyon Moore as a go-between. Where will this investigation, which started with the musings of Sulaimon Brown, go next? More from the Center on Public IntegrityAPLoose LipsWashingtonianWAMU-FMWRC-TVWaTimesDCist and Politico.

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