District resident Cathryn Carroll yells at Republican House members outside the Capitol on Sunday. (Cliff Owen / AP)

Congress has gone over the cliff, sending the federal government into a shutdown that could last a day, a week, perhaps longer. The District government remains open for now — thanks either to the Obama administration’s decision not to second-guess the mayor’s everyone-is-essential determination or to the availability of a congressionally mandated reserve fund. Either way, you can still renew your driver’s license, go to the rec center or explore your new health insurance options. But that doesn’t mean the District goes unscathed, not by a long shot. The shutdown could cripple the regional economy and cost the city up to $6 million a week in sales and income tax revenue. The Superior Court marriage bureau is closed until further notice, and rowers who use boathouses on federal property are fresh out of luck. But if you’re a furloughed fed jonesing for some government, or just looking for some entertainment, do know that there is a D.C. Council meeting today — 10 a.m. (or thereabouts) at the John A. Wilson Building.

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