It took nine months for Bill Black to discover the tax lien sale on his D.C. home because tax officials had mailed the bills to Iowa. (The Washington Post)

Let’s take a break from shutdown drama for minute to revisit our friends at the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. The Post investigative team that uncovered abuses in the city’s practice of selling delinquent tax debts has a new report on how the tax office failed to notify thousands of property owners about debts — leading them into the treacherous tax sale process. The reasons were simple: Bad addresses. Lots of bad addresses: “Using the agency’s address records, The Post mailed notices to more than 1,800 delinquent property owners this summer and found that nearly 400 — one in five — were returned as undeliverable.” Auditors identified problems in 2009 but only recently have improvements been made.

In other news:

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