A rat crosses an alley to check out trash containers behind restaurants in Adams Morgan in August. (Astrid Riecken / For The Washington Post)

Some might consider it folly to think that a community meeting might succeed in turning the tide in the ages-old battle against rats. But dozens showed up Thursday’s night to a “rat summit” in Logan Circle — including Style writer Dan Zak. The problem centers on the so-hot-right-now 14th Street NW corridor, “where 24 new restaurants have opened in the past nine months, where giant holes have been dug to build new condos, where growing numbers of people come to eat and drink and, possibly, litter.” The symptoms include thrown loaves of bread and a “river of sludge.” In the end, Zak finds, the much-anticipated summit “is heavy on pamphlets and bureaucratease, low on solutions and revelations, and ends with the promise of another meeting.”

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