The roughly two years of a high-profile battle between Uber and the District government have been distilled into 11 minutes of moderately polemical documentary film.

“The Uber Wars” is written and directed by local filmmaker Rob Montz, and it takes a generally sympathetic view toward the smartphone-based transportation dispatch service, whose confrontations with District regulators have been catnip for libertarian-minded journalists.

However, Montz did do more than he had to — most notably, interviewing yours truly — to put the Uber fight within the larger context of city politics. The film does a fine job illustrating the parochialism of certain D.C. Council members on these issues, though it does less to illustrate Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s occasionally abrasive approach to getting his way.

And while the film paints a picture of a hidebound and innovation-resistant political and regulatory culture, do note that Uber has ended up winning virtually every fight it’s picked here so far.