The L Street bike lane is still missing its westbound companion a block to the north. (Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

Roughly two months ago, the city transportation department caught a good amount of flak for modifying its plans for a downtown bike lane to mollify a well-connected church. Well, hey, politics is the art of compromise and all that, and bike advocates were at least happy work would commence on the long-delayed M Street cycletrack — by October, it was promised. Here we are at October’s end, and no work appears to be in sight. A department spokesman tells Washingtonian’s Ben Freed that rain three weeks ago is still delaying work today. A top department planner, meanwhile, tells DCist that there’s “still some things we need to do before we can start putting it in.” But the Washington Area Bicyclist Association would really like a better explanation than that, so they have filed a public-records request.

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